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Online Course Reserves Form (Trial Edition)

Course Reserve Policies:

  • Reserve Items MUST be given to the librarian at least 48 hours before item is needed by students
  • Please do not announce Reserve items to your classes until they have been delivered to the library or the librarian has been notified via this form/email
  • Students are given fairly large fines for overdue Reserve items, and Reserve items cannot be renewed (except by staff). Since most Reserve items are time-sensitive or faculty-owned, these fines are higher to encourage timely returns. Please consider this when choosing the checkout length for your items. Likewise, please contact the librarian if there is a special circumstance that would require the student to need an item for an extended period of time to avoid any fees being charged to the student.
  • If an item is to be placed on Reserve for an indefinite period of time (past the current semester/year), please include this information in last comment box.


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Date That Item Will Be Removed From Reserves and the Library Catalog (will be end of semester if left blank)

If the item is an item owned by the library, please feel free to include a link to the item in the catalog (Optional: copy-paste the link into the space below):

LIST THE NAMES OF THE ITEMS that you would like to be placed on Course Reserve in the box below (required) :

Please list any special instructions, exceptions, or anything else you would like me to know (optional):

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