Exam Proctoring Policy


Exam Proctor Policy, Courtesy of our Director Orrin Ausen:

Memorial Library offers test proctoring services on a space-available basis to:

1.  Current BLC students enrolled in coursework at another institution (No Fee)

2.  BLC Alumni enrolled in coursework at another academic college or university (No Fee)

3.  General public enrolled in coursework at another college or university ($25 per exam.)

Payment in cash or check made to Bethany Memorial Library. Pay at circulation desk.


Library staff is available to proctor on a limited basis.  Please call to determine availability and schedule a testing time.

Call Orrin at 507-344-7350 or email library@blc.edu to schedule a proctored exam.

Students and Alumni must make an appointment at least ONE WEEK prior to testing.

General public must make an appointment at least TWO WEEKS prior to testing.


The STUDENT is responsible for verifying the library facility meets their institution’s requirements before having the test sent.

A list of test taking materials, supplies, and tools allowed must be signed and sent by the course instructor.

The STUDENT must call prior to the testing date to ensure the library has received the exam.

A valid photo I.D. must be presented at the time of the test and student is required to provide all needed test taking supplies.

Postage, photocopies, and any other costs associated with the test are the responsibility of the student.

The library will not retain a copy of the test.

Library staff proctors cannot monitor a student continuously during the exam but will check on the student periodically.

The library cannot guarantee a completely quiet and/or private environment.

The library cannot accommodate tests that require special equipment or software and reserves the right to refuse proctoring service if testing requirements exceed staff or facility capabilities.

Tests taking materials may be sent to:

Orrin Ausen
Bethany Memorial Library
700 Luther Dr.
Mankato, MN 56001


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